Let's Talk About Self Worth - With Special Guest: Caurel Richards

Let's Talk About Self Worth - With Special Guest: Caurel Richards

What is self worth?


Self Worth is how you perceive yourself and your value as a human being. Often confused with self-esteem, has more to do with valuing who you are intrinsically than what you do. It is a sense of belonging and it comes from within.

What is the number one misconception about self worth?


It is measured by external factors such as your achievements, relationships, finances etc.

It can be quite dangerous to measure your self-worth based on external factors as these factors are constantly changing and can cause you to spiral into depression or experience anxiety about the future.

Why is your self worth important?


Knowing and valuing who you are determines how much space you decide to take up in this world and how you navigate it. It determines the overall quality of your life. Collectively, who you are with your gifts and talents in your "beingness" is significant to transforming the world for present and future generations.

Why is your self-worth important?


While these have been used interchangeably, it is important to recognize the significant difference. Self-esteem is the value you place on yourself based on how you experience life while your self-worth comes from WITHIN, without the labels.

As for self-confidence, while it is connected to both self-esteem and self-worth, it isn't a full representation of your whole self. It is indicative of your level of comfort and competence within a specific area.

How do you gauge where your self worth is currently?

Here is a quick exercise that can be done in your quiet time with your eyes open or closed (closed preferably).

1. Strip yourself of ALL the labels you currently identify yourself with, ie. mom, business owner, woman, doctor, whatever it is.

2. Visualize a younger version of you sitting in front of you (doesn't matter the age).

2. Observe your self-talk  

3. Check in with yourself, how are you feeling?

Depending on where you are on the self-worth scale, this can be a difficult exercise to complete because your worth has been attached to your identity for such a long time that the idea of detaching is scary, and that's okay!

Number one tip to increase your self worth

Getting to know yourself! The real you...the version of you that is under the layers of identities you've either given yourself or has been accepted by you.  

The more you get to know the ins and outs of yourself, the more you can confidently and courageously navigate this world being UNAPOLOGETICALLY you. This means becoming aware of ALL of you - the good, bad, and the indifferent. As you improve the relationship you have with yourself you will notice how your quality of life improves over time.

About Caurel

Life is lived in one's own inner truth. It is an ever-evolving dance that can be exhilarating while also being uncomfortable at the same damn time.

Are you ready to shake things up to improve your quality of life?

Caurel is a Trauma Expert and Hypnotherapist who is passionate about women feeling whole again. She supports you in redefining your worthiness while reconnecting to your own sense of self to transform the world.

Caurel can be found on Instagram @indivinethyme and her Website, In Divine Thyme

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