Current Love List - July 2023

Current Love List - July 2023

Hello!  Welcome to the first post of what I am currently loving in my life.  This is inspired by The Lazy Genius' the "What's saving my life right now" list!

This is where I will share with you, all the things I am currently enjoying, such as podcasts, drinks, books, music, and more!

I started sharing these on my Instagram, but wanted to be able to share them on my blog as well.  Let's get started!

PODCAST: Antisocial Anecdotes


This is a podcast by a highschool friend of mine, who is living in Brazil with her husband (who is from Brazil) and their kids.  Her episodes are full of hilarious stories, comparisons between Brazil and Canada, and just general hilarity and very relatable information. Go check it out!

BOOK: Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing - by Matthew Perry

I superbly enjoyed Matthew Perry's memoir, some of the stories are unbelievably mind blowing, and I have always loved a behind the scenes look at the lives of the famous, and what a story this is.  It does not disappoint!

SHOW: Jury Duty on Amazon Prime


Jury Duty is about a court trial where everyone is an actor except for one guy and he has no idea that everything is fake. I cannot wait to get to the end where all is revealed, but for now it is so bizarre and entertaining!

DRINK: Cazadores canned Paloma Cocktail

My favorite drink from the summer was the Paloma from Cazadores Tequila.  The margarita is good too, but I am all about grapefruit cocktails in the summer!


MUSIC: The Wind and the Wave - "Racing Hearts"

I've been listening to the album "Racing Hearts" by The Wind and the Wave - my favorite songs on the album are "Possibilities" and "Wander"

 I hope you enjoy perusing some of these, I'd love to hear in the comments what you think if you have tried, read, heard, any of these!

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