Let's Talk About: Breaking Cycles - with Megan Thomas

Let's Talk About: Breaking Cycles - with Megan Thomas

Welcome to another "Let's Talk About" post!

Today's guest is Megan Thomas from The Conscious Village.  Megan is sharing information on the topic of Cycle Breaking.  

What is Cycle Breaking?

This is when a person recognizes a pattern in their family of origin, culture, environment or society in general that does not serve them. They take action to change this pattern to support and uphold their personal values.

How do I recognize when I'm in a cycle that needs breaking?

What in your environment makes you cringe? Was there a dysfunction in your childhood that hurt you physically/mentally/emotionally?

Sit with those triggers and ask yourself, what about that situation feels wrong? How can I change that?  What kind of action can I take?

Become aware of yourself. Our triggers will tell us everything about our wounds.  Look into counseling, hypnotherapy or ThetaHealing to open your awareness.

Where to start

Sometimes, it feels like everything around you is wrong and unmanageable. You're not alone. Put a timer on your phone and prompt a daily check in ..hand on heart, take a deep breath and ask yourself "what can I do to make change in my environment"?

The small steps matter! Developing personal awareness is the first step in Breaking Cycle.

Where to go for support

At theconsciousvillage.ca/resources there is a free "Get Curious" workbook that will guide you on getting curious about your triggers.

I also offer 1-1 services to support you in your journey.

About Megan

If you would like to know more about Megan and her programs, visit www.theconsciousvillage.ca

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