Let's Talk About The Gifts of Listening - With Liliane Regnier

Let's Talk About The Gifts of Listening - With Liliane Regnier

What Is Listening


It is the act of paying attention to and interpreting auditory stimuli such as spoken language, music or other sounds.

Why is Listening Important


It allows us to understand and connect with others, share information, learn new things and build relationships.  Effective listening is essential for good communication.

Why is listening to yourself first KEY to better be able to listen to others.


When you are in touch with your own feelings and needs you are better able to regulate your emotions and respond to others in a more thoughtful and empathic.



Both involve being fully present and engaged in the present moment with non-judgement and openness.

3 simple steps to practice active listening (selfless listening)


  1. Give your FULL attention to the person speaking
  2. Show interest with body language (ie smile, eye contact)
  3. Empathize - try to put yourself in the person's shoes and understand their perspective 

REMEMBER that NOT RESPONDING is a response sometimes.

How listening can benefit your relationships:


  • Reduces misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Creates a sense of safety
  • Leads to deeper and more meaningful connections
Quote by Marissa King - Social Chemistry

Liliane offers 1 on 1 guidance; Taking you on a transformational journey helping you listen to yourself by connecting to your innate wisdom, wildness and creativity. 

She also offers beautiful in-person gatherings for women of all ages, providing opportunities to share your voice, to feel heard and supported.

Follow her on Instagram @Liliane_Regnier and visit her website, www.lilianeregnier.com.

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