MARCH MEET THE MAKER - Day 1: Brand Origin

MARCH MEET THE MAKER - Day 1: Brand Origin

Heidi is smiling at the camera.  She has shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and is wearing glasses

Well hello!  It's March 1st and I am diving in head first into March Meet the Maker!
The first day is about brand origin.  Where did I begin?

My story probably starts long before this (I have always enjoyed dressing up in fun clothes, and scouring the "play clothes" box at friends' houses for the best outfit), but I first recall getting interested in designing clothing in college.

My sister and I turned vintage pillow cases into skirts, and my mind grabbed this thread - "what if I use discarded items and fabrics from thrift stores, and use them to make something new?"

Heidi is wearing a handmade A-line skirt in a olive green, with a blue and white patterned belt.  You can only see her arms, hands and knees.
This is not the exact skirt I made back then, but it is one of my earlier projects, and is a similar idea of what we first made!

For Christmas that year, my sister got me a book called "108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt", which was all about using your old clothes to create something new!
I also received a second hand sewing machine and was off and running!

This small idea ran rampant and I began making all kinds of things!  There were painted tshirts and dresses, there were pillow case tops (probably my favorite design), clutch purses made out of place mats, covered in fabric and buttons.  

A collage of handmade items, clutch purses, tank tops made from pillow cases, hair pins, and more
I had friends who were interested in what I was doing and said I should sell my items.  That's when I found Etsy.

I took a leap of faith and started my Etsy shop in 2009, and I needed a name.  I wish I could find my notebook where I wrote down my first ideas, but Heidi-and-Seek Boutique literally came to me in the night.  I woke up with that name in my mind, and it stuck!

My first ever sale on Etsy was a tote bag made out of a pillow case, it was purchased by a friend of mine who was excited to support me!

Follow this link for a walk down memory lane!

The goal back then was to make cool things from previously loved items, and I love how that has now transitioned into using my leftover fabrics in new garments to create something unique!

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading a little bit about my beginnings, March has just begun and there's so much more to come!
xo - Heidi
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