MARCH MEET THE MAKER: Day 2 - All About Me

MARCH MEET THE MAKER: Day 2 - All About Me

Heidi is taking a selfie in the mirror, she has her hair curled and worn over the shoulder on one side.  She wears a puffed sleeve gray sweatshirt with a heart on the front

Oh hi!  I'm Heidi.  I am the brains behind this operation!  I'm from Winkler, Manitoba, Canada (born and raised), where I live with my husband and our dog Bogey.

A man in a black disc golf cap wearing a green tshirt smiles next to a gold lab dog

I make clothing, art and accessories that will help you share your unique personality, feel joyful about getting dressed (
#dopaminedressing anyone?), and remind you that you are valued just for being yourself!

A woman with brown curly hair wears a pink sweater dress, her hands are in the pockets

I’ve been operating in some shape or form since 2009, and got my apparel design certificate in 2015 from @redrivercollege (please excuse the blurry photo, I can't find the original), which tremendously improved my skills and abilities! With each new design I find myself more and more in awe of what these hands can do!

Heidi is wearing a white tshirt, holding a Red River College Certificate of Completion for Apparel Design

I currently work a part-time office job, and my dream is to leave the corporate world behind and be my own boss, and create beautiful things while empowering women to find their value and know their worth.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

xo - Heidi

P.S. Something you may not know about me: I once had an accident involving a broken mirror, and nearly sliced my pinky finger on my left hand clean off!!!  I had emergency plastic surgery to re-attach the tendons, nerves, and arteries!
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